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I did marine restoration for The Nature Conservancy. My days were all rubber boots and marsh mud, coming home smelling like the sea, and feeling like my work was making a difference in the world.

I was about 7 weeks pregnant when that picture was taken. I remember worrying a bit as our skiff bounced along the waves of the Mississippi Sound. Can I do this? It was just a passing thought, calmed by the careful plan I had already written out for my 6-week maternity leave.

Then this happened:

Can I do this? That question ran through my head like a daily mantra. Can I get out to that sea grass bed, finish my work and make it back before day care closes? Would I have any time to just be with my baby girl when we got home, or was it going to be spent juggling her in one hand and a spatula (or grant report) in the other?

I was a lucky new mom with a better-than-average support system. Even so, most of the time the answer to “Can I have it all?” felt like “not really”.

I would have kissed a Dinner Elf if they had walked into my kitchen during that season in my life. I would have welcomed help nourishing me and my family during all of the seasons where I:

  • had just brought a baby home
  • was helping to care for a sick family member
  • wasn’t feeling so great myself
  • was up to my ears in boxes after a move
  • was working on a pressing deadline at work.

I started this company because when my daughter grows up, I want her to feel like she has resources within reach to help balance work and her family.

It’s my hope that your Dinner Elf will:

We look forward to cooking for you anytime it’s a help!


Nicole Vickey – LinkedIn / Email
Jesse Vickey – LinkedIn / Email
Phone – 512.277.5134

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