We're excited to announce our new pricing: $99 + ingredients

Previously, our cost was based on all-inclusive recipe prices (e.g. Albacore tuna patties is $30). Going forward, the price will be $99 (service fee) + ingredients. You will see estimated ingredient costs for each recipe. Your total cost won’t change much. 

Why The Change?

  • More dinner options: Many of you have asked for greater customization and menu variety. Flexible ingredient pricing makes substitutions and special requests easier. Example: You request a substitution of ground bison ($7.99/lb) instead of ground pork ($2.84/lb) in a recipe. Your chef buys the bison, and your grocery bill reflects the higher ingredient cost.
  • Local prices: Dinner Elf has recently expanded to serve beyond our original central Texas market. Flexible ingredient pricing helps reflect actual local grocery prices.
  • More fair: The price change won’t affect the overall cost to you much, but the pricing will be fairer for everyone. For example, in the past customers who wanted organic paid a flat upcharge, regardless of what your Elf found. Now if you prefer organic, you’ll only be charged for what your Elf is actually able to purchase.

What Changes For You?

  • Tip change: Your tip percentage will now be based on the $99 service fee (not groceries). Therefore, your total tip amount will decrease. To offset this decrease a little for Elves, the default tip will increase to 20% from 15%. 
  • Receipts: Your payment method will be charged based on your chef’s reported grocery receipt. You’ll also get a link to a photo of your Elf’s grocery receipt.
  • Leftover groceries: On your appointment page, you’ll see a choice to either have your chef  “Leave them” or “Take them.” Let us know what you prefer!
  • Containers / safety sandwiches: These will cost extra ($.50/container and about $5 for safety sandwich ingredients) with no markup.

Thanks for working with us to grow a company that’s a win-win for both customers and chefs. Have feedback or concerns? We want to hear it! Email us