To help fix dinner for our wonderful customers, we’ve had to make some changes.

The problem: Limited availability

As we’ve grown, we’ve had challenges getting enough great Elves. Our customers have asked us for more good days and times.

The fix: Higher pay

To get more great cooks and encourage our existing cooks to stick around, we’re going to pay our Elves more. 😊

How this affects you

We’re increasing our prices some:

  • Tips – We’ve changed all default tips to 15% (industry standard) from $15. On average, this will increase tips by $5 per appointment. You can always adjust your default tip on your profile or appointment page.
  • Savings club discount – We’ve reduced the discount to $5/$10 from $10/$20 for Sun-Tues/Wed-Sat appointments (this also applies to autopilot). If you’ve paid for savings club and don’t feel this discount provides value, reply and we’ll give you a full refund and cancel your discount.

These changes will affect all new or updated appointments starting Oct. 19, 2018.

Over the long run, we want Dinner Elf to be successful for both our Elves and customers. We’re optimistic this change will help.

Thanks for letting us cook for you! 🍴