COVID-19 Safety Protocols

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Since 2014, our customers, from busy families to immunocompromised patients, have trusted Dinner Elf to fix dinner. Safety has always been our top priority, and we’ve added extra precautions.

Your Elf will wear a mask to grocery shop and in your home. Upon entry, they’ll remove their shoes and disinfect groceries, prep surfaces and their phone. They’ll follow CDC handwashing guidelines on arrival and as appropriate for our normal food handling guidelines. Finally, they’ll follow all food safety protocols (and CDC fruit and vegetable safety) as laid out in their Food Handler’s certification.

Prior to your appointment, we kindly ask you to clear counter space for food prep, and clear shelf space in your fridge, to minimize unnecessary handling of your personal items by your Elf. Upon their arrival, provide no-contact entry to your home (unlock the door but don’t greet your Elf) and maintain at least a 6 feet distance from members of your family and pets. You can also ask your Elf to use your dishwasher, disinfecting products, cooking tools, and/or your own ingredients.

Look for a text the night prior to confirm you and your Elf’s health.

Read the FDA post for more information on food safety (“Currently there is no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with transmission of COVID-19”).

If you or your Elf have any COVID-related issues, all cancellation fees are waived.

We’re obsessed about safety. We look forward to fixing dinner for you and your family whenever we can be helpful!