New recipes and AI

New recipes and AI

The press is full of possibilities using AI or ChatGPT to write a paper, cure cancer, etc. How can this growing technology help Dinner Elf?

One bottleneck to creating new recipes for Dinner Elf has been creating great photos.

Back in 2015, I took the photos myself (ugly). Then we used a professional photographer (expensive). Later we purchased stock photos (limited).

Now using AI, we can enter the prompt "A well-lit photo taken directly over a recipe named chicken noodle soup" and get lots of options.

When we adjust the prompt to include "...with lots of carrots", we get new options.

After more tweaks, we added an AI-generated photo for "Chicken noodle soup" to our growing menu that compares well to our "real" photos (recipe #2 and #3).

By removing the photo bottleneck, we'll ramp up our recipe creation. Try one of these new dinners for your family. 🎉

New Recipes: Week of May 15, 2023
New Recipes: Week of May 22, 2023

We'll also explore new ways to use AI in Dinner Elf. Stay tuned!

If you're curious, the photo in this blog post was AI-generated from the prompt "A realistic photo of a robot chef cooking on a stovetop with a pot and spoon." 🤓