We're Ten Years Old!

We're Ten Years Old!
Credit: OpenAI 😀

Dinner Elf was founded in 2014 by a wife and husband team (Nicole and Jesse) in Austin, TX.

The company started when Nicole sent me an email.

We decided to use professional chefs without kids. 😀

We asked for business feedback on Facebook.

We got feedback from friends

We asked for recipe feedback from co-workers.

We tested the chef experience ourselves. We nixed with the hats. 😀

We hired our first chef team in Austin.

Customers (and kids!) loved the service.

In 2017, we were accepted into the Capital Factory Accelerator Program.

Fast forward a few years, we expanded to new markets and grew.

In 2020, a little virus caused problems for our in-home cooking service. 😬

We persevered. Today, we cook for thousands of families in Austin, Dallas, Denver, and San Antonio. 🎉

We thank all of our chefs and customers for making Dinner Elf a magical experience for ten years. Here's to ten more! 🙏🏻

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