Home-cooked Love From Near And Far

Home-cooked Love From Near And Far

$23,000 Raised For Families In Seasons of Need

Let’s hear it for the aunties, besties, out-of-town family, neighbors and co-workers who have collectively contributed over $23,000 so far this year to group gifts of home-cooked love!

Our group gifts make it simple for friends near and far to contribute as little as $10 towards a Dinner Elf making personalized meals for their loved one. It’s the gift of food they want, when they most need it.

Our group gifts are a great fit for:

  • family who live too far away to deliver a casserole in person
  • co-workers wanting to support an officemate while respecting their privacy
  • friends who want to help, but just don’t have time to can’t make and take a meal over in person

Just this year we’ve seen some truly generous gifts for families who:

  • welcomed a new baby (or two!)
  • weathered recovery from a surgery
  • healed from an injury
  • experienced the death of a spouse
  • are caregiving for aging grandparents
  • are managing a long-term illness

Next time someone in your community is facing a season of need, give a group gift of Dinner Elf to conveniently allow a wide circle of support to contribute to home-cooked meals for weeks to come!