Ever wondered how to help a neighbor or co-worker who has lost a spouse or been diagnosed with a serious illness? Giving City Austin featured Dinner Elf, alongside Instacart, as a non-invasive way to send food when someone is in a season of need. “You just start a page for them, share it with friends and family and ask them to contribute money, then your friend chooses their dinners, the “elf” comes over and cooks them and leaves your friend with a full fridge,” says a Giving City Austin reporter, “We’re loving the concept of this Austin-born company.”

Credit: Giving City Austin

Dinner Elf provides affordable, in-home meal preparation services in both Austin and San Antonio. Learn more at: https://www.dinnerelf.com. Know someone in a season of need who could use some home-cooked love? Learn more about our meal pages as a really easy way to coordinate dinners from busy and out of town friends and family.