Who’s ready for a little “behind-the-Elfing”? We’re excited to debut a new customer testimonial video:


Jo Dale started using Dinner Elf back in February, and quickly settled into a weekly appointment with Elf Holly to help her busy family eating better.

Last month we invited busy mom, Jo Dale, and Elf Holly, to the recording studio at Capital Factory to share their thoughts on Dinner Elf.

Christian at Third Drive Media also recorded Elf Holly shopping for groceries and cooking some yummy dinners. (Earned plug: Christian is a superstar. If you ever need some awesome video work, contact him.)

The best part of the whole experience was Holly being asked to “squeeze the lemon again.” And again. And again. And again. Or maybe it was Maggie, the dog, getting her 2 seconds of houndy fame.

Know busy families in Austin who might want to learn about the magic of Dinner Elf? Please share!

Nicole Vickey is co-founder of Dinner Elf, a company that helps busy families sit down to home-cooked dinners.